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Powerful Steeds

Welcome to the Sanders Racing garage.  Home to some of the world’s raddest and most fun race cars, each of our vehicles is a symbol of speed, innovation, and the undying spirit of competition. Our fleet, curated and customized to perfection, embodies the passion and determination of our team.


Driver Spotlight

Meet Robbie ‘Race Car Robbie’ Sanders, the heart and soul of Sanders Racing. With multiple national championships under his belt and a racing license from three renowned associations, Robbie’s expertise in the driver’s seat is undeniable. His exceptional skill, however, is rivaled only by his love for the sport and his dedication to the team. Whether he’s weaving through the twists and turns of a rally stage or sharing a laugh with his team and fans, Robbie brings a unique mix of joy, passion, and intensity to every moment. Join Robbie on the track and see for yourself why he’s not just a driver – he’s a force of nature, a champion, and a beacon of the fun-loving spirit that defines Sanders Racing.

2022 C8 Corvette Stingray Z51

Commanding the SCCA T1 Class, our Corvette Stingray Z51 is a testament to American engineering. Boasting a weight of 3350 lbs and an impressive 450 horsepower, the Stingray is the perfect balance between raw power and agility. Outfitted with an electronic limited-slip differential, Michelin S8M racing slicks, 18″ forged aluminum wheels, and a KW V5 Suspension, it is built to conquer the asphalt with grace and dominance. Interior enhancements from AMT Motorsports and Sabelt ensure safety, while the Racelogic vbox data logger captures every moment of the racing journey.

MSport Ford Fiesta R5 Rally 2


The MSport Ford Fiesta Rally 2 represents the epitome of collaboration, customization, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Crafted for the ARA RC2 Cup class and born from a synergy with the celebrated McKenna Motorsports, the R5 Fiesta is much more than just a vehicle – it is a testament to teamwork and technical prowess.

This rally car isn’t merely ‘equipped’ for competition – it is inherently ‘race-bred’. Every curve, every weld, and every bolt are purposefully chosen and meticulously placed to withstand the rugged world of rally racing. 

2018 Subaru STI

Holding a place of honor in the ARA L4WD category, this machine carries the weight of expectations effortlessly, delivering robust power, reliable performance, and proven race-winning pedigree.

The Subaru STI’s gutsy heart beats with 300 Horsepower, nestled within a chassis fully caged and race-prepared by Thompson Racing Fabrication (TRF), a team renowned for their commitment to perfection and performance. The car is fortified by Cusco Plated differentials, enabling it to maneuver the most demanding terrains with incredible precision and control.

But the STI isn’t just about the raw specs and cutting-edge technology. It’s about legacy. This vehicle was the trusty steed that carried Robbie to his remarkable victory in the 2020 ARA L4WD National Championship. With every rev of the engine and every turn of the wheel, the STI echoes the glory of that victory, reinforcing our team’s passion and ambition for racing.


2016 Ford Fiesta ST

Every car tells a story, but our 2016 Ford Fiesta ST has a saga that reverberates with passion, dedication, and triumph. This vehicle, equipped for the ARA L2WD category, served as the chariot that drove Race Car Robbie to his resounding victory in the 2019 ARA L2WD National Championship.

The Fiesta ST represents a statement of our commitment to the art of racing: the art of marrying speed and skill, the art of pushing boundaries, and above all, the art of creating memorable experiences for our fans.